We are announcing a few changes in our operating schedule and our cancellation policy today. This information is current as of May 26, 2020.

Current Operations

We are now open, and so is the state of Alaska! Both the state and the Municipality of Anchorage have mostly lifted the lockdown orders that were in place for most of the spring, and camping is allowed, as long as certain precautions and restrictions are followed. Out-of-state arrivals must still undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine before they’re allowed to move around the state; that order is scheduled to be lifted on June 2.

We are back to operating on our regular summer hours. Our office is open daily, 10am to 6pm Alaska Time. We can be reached via phone, email or social media, and you may also now visit us at the office. We request that you give us a call first to let us know you’re coming, and to make sure we’ll be able to accommodate you at the time you’ll be stopping by. Please see the below paragraphs for changes to our pick up procedures if you’ve got a van reserved.

Cancellations & Changes

The uncertainty of the situation also has us re-evaluating our cancellation policy as well. We are now offering full refunds to cancellations made within 15 days of arrival date (our standard policy is 30 days), and we are waiving our 3% cancellation fee for summer 2020.

If you book and then realize you can’t come on your requested dates, you may change your reservation dates without any fees or upgrade charges, even if you’re moving to a higher-rate period, as long as your trip is the same length. You can also move your trip to the summer of 2021, without any upgrade or rate changes.

Please view the full Terms and Conditions for further details on this policy.

Cleaning Process

Our standard cleaning process between reservations was already quite detailed, so as we’ve been matching up our process with recommendations from the CDC, we have found that, fortunately, we’ve only needed to make minimal changes in order to make sure we’re cleaning and sanitizing to current recommended levels.

In addition to implementing a 3-day minimum waiting period between reservations, we are also

  • Continuing our standard cleaning process between reservations, which includes thoroughly cleaning all surfaces (kitchen, table, dashboard, door panels, consoles, storage bin, etc), seats, floors, headliners, windows, tents, ladders, mattresses, cushions and finally the exterior of the van. We even clean the door jambs!
  • Further enhancing our cleaning process with additional sanitizing products.
  • Washing linens, curtains and cushion covers in high temperature wash and dry cycles.
  • Washing kitchen items in high temperature cycles.
  • Cleaning all camp equipment (chairs, tables, etc) to our current high standards, with a sanitizing finisher.
  • Enhancing our office cleaning process, including sanitizing high touch areas like door handles, light switches, pens and clipboards.

Pick Up & Drop Off Process

We will be modifying our pick-up process a bit this summer in order to better accommodate our guests. We are now requiring appointment times for van pick ups, so that parties don’t overlap and end up waiting together in our office. Please visit this page once you’ve made your reservation to confirm your pick up time. (Note: The time noted during the booking process is a guideline only. It does not assign that time slot to you; it only notifies us about your preference for pick up time.) This will streamline the pick up process and keep everyone safer.

In addition to appointments, we will try to conduct as much of the process outdoors as possible. We always moved outside to perform the orientation, where we show you how to use all of the equipment inside the van—this year, we will try to do some of the paperwork and rental agreement stuff outdoors as well.

We will also be conducting our van orientations a little differently. We’ll have videos coming soon, but in the meantime, we’ll be standing back as much as possible, maintaining social distance and directing you on how to set up, open, close, stow and collapse everything you’ll be using while you’re camping. This way, you will be the only one touching the van’s surfaces once they’ve been sanitized.

We will be wearing masks during the pick up and drop off processes, and we encourage you to do the same.

We are not requiring appointments for van drop offs, but we do ask that, if there is another party at the office when you arrive, you wait in or near your van until we’re able to conduct the return inspection.

We’re making our decisions based on the information that is currently available; that could change, and we’re prepared to make changes to our operating season based on what’s safe, what’s allowed and what’s best for our customers and our business. Please let us know if you have any questions; we are ready to answer them!