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Knapp Family Travels
We won’t soon forget the Knapp family and their enthusiasm during the Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival in May 2021. They managed not only to fit their family of 5 easily into a travel van, but had some pretty amazing adventures along the way. In their Alaska Day 2 video, they explain how they made their van work for them, but we encourage you to watch the whole series for both goofy family antics and some next-level tips on family travel.

A Smaller, More Affordable RV Rental | Nikki Cleveland, RV Life Magazine
“Live the #Vanlife in Alaska! Summer is the best time to visit Alaska when the temperatures are more comfortable and the large expanses of wilderness provide the perfect place for a remote camping trip.”

Planning Your Summer Staycation? | Scott McMurren, Anchorage Daily News
“The vans are all converted Dodge Caravans, so it’s easier to find a parking place compared with the larger-profile “land yacht” RVs. But the setup features a rooftop full-size bed, a kitchen that’s accessible from the pop-up back of the van, as well as another bed behind the front seat.”

All Hail Cameron, the Campervan | Stacy Ebert, Alaska Magazine
“We’ve traveled the globe, lived overseas, and road tripped the U.S., but we’ve never done any of it in a campervan. Upon arrival in Anchorage, Britta from Get Lost Travel Vans hands us keys to our sweet ride, a campervan we name Cameron.”

North by Northwest: The Perfect Alaskan Adventure | Nate Luebbe, The Outbound Collective
“A campervan allows you to explore as much as you want, without the inconvenience, and expense, of needing to find a nearby hotel. Pull up at the beach and watch the bald eagles swoop for fish until you fall asleep, and then wake up the next day and pick up right where you left off. ”

The Perfect Gear for the Perfect Alaskan Adventure | Nate Luebbe, The Outbound Collective
“A comfortable road trip is a successful road trip, and choosing the right vehicle is the most important step!”

Meet Get Lost Travel Vans For a New Way to RV Alaska | Erin Kirkland,
“These vans are not a knock-off of the old conversion vans from the 1970s and 80s. No, these are beautifully-appointed, spotless minivans with all the cool gadgets to make you go “Wow.” ”

#Vanlife: Campervans much more than a passing fancy in Alaska | Victoria Petersen, Anchorage Press
“Campervans offer nearly all of the luxuries that an RV does. While they don’t have their own bathroom, many rentals are set up with bedding, table space, a kitchen set up and of course, the ability to move around.”

New self-drive options for Alaska travelers | Travel Weekly
“Anchorage-based Get Lost Travel Vans now rents camper vans that accommodate up to four adults, or two adults and three small children, with double beds in the main-cabin and pop-up rooftop tent. Unlimited mileage and the use of bedding and window blackout panels are included in the rental price.”

Getting to Business | Glacier City Gazette
“Offering summer month rental of modified Dodge Caravan RVs, Get Lost feels its vehicles featuring sleeper areas, kitchenette with propane stove and refrigerator, storage bench and pop-up table amenities offer tourists a new angle on seeing Alaska.”