Travel SUV

Travel SUVs

Meet our Travel SUVs, the newest additions to our fleet!

Our Ford Bronco Sports are the ultimate adventure vehicles. They’re designed for 2 people, and they come with all the camping gear you’ll ever need. The rooftop tent sleeps 2 and opens and closes with ease. The trunk space is filled with all the kitchen and camping items you could wish for, and the back seat is reserved for extra storage and bedding. The Travel SUV is the new perfect way to see Alaska!


The 2022 Ford Bronco features the new G.O.A.T. (Goes Over Any Terrain) modes, which means you’ll get great mileage on the highway in Eco mode, and extra traction control in Slippery mode. Read more about Ford’s G.O.A.T. modes here (please note only standard modes are available on our Broncos). And yes, thanks to these new rugged terrain options, these vehicles are allowed on the Denali Highway!

Kitchen on the Go

The elements of the camp kitchen are collapsible and easily stored inside the Bronco’s trunk space. A foldable table slides in above the gear and unfolds in camp to give you plenty of prep and cooking surface area. A 2-burner propane stove fits perfectly onto the table while you’re cooking, and straps onto the kitchen organizer when you’re not. The organizer fits all your kitchen items including the pot and pan, place settings and clean up items, and even has an empty compartment for you to add your own gear. A pantry basket holds all the dry goods you bring with you, and a collapsible sink and 7-gallon water container fit just in front of the organizer and are also portable. An electric refrigerator rounds out the kitchen storage and keeps your food at a constant temperature, and even offers a charging port for your electronics (in addition to those found throughout the SUV). A separate battery keeps the fridge at a constant temperature without using the car battery for power, and recharges while you drive to the next location on your adventure.

Sleeps 2

Just like our vans, the SUVs feature a Rooftnest hardshell rooftop tent. All of our SUVs feature the Roofnest Condor model. The tent pops up and unfolds to fit 2 people comfortably, the built-in mattress provides plenty of cushion, and the attached telescoping ladder makes both unfolding the tent and getting in and out a breeze.

An awning unrolls on the opposite side of the vehicle, so on those rainy (or exceptionally sunny) days, you’ll have shelter for cooking or relaxing. The shelter’s max height is 7 feet, so even for those tall folks among us, there will be plenty of room for standing—or lounging.

Extra Comfort

The extras you can rent to further kit out your travel kitchens include kettles, coffee presses, and coolers, and camping extras include small tables, camp chairs, travel guides and extra bedding. See the full range of add-on options.

Want to bring your furry friends along? Check out our Pet-Friendly Travel Van option! (Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in the Broncos.)