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Tips for Late Season Camping

Camping in September can be incredibly rewarding—fall colors, fewer bugs, the start of aurora season—but the changing of the seasons does bring with it a set of challenges that you may not run into in peak summer. Those challenges can be easily overcome, however, with a bit of flexibility and [...]

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How to See the Northern Lights in Summer

“Aurora Season” officially begins in late August, once it’s dark enough, for long enough, for the Northern Lights to illuminate the night sky. Technically, it’s possible to see them even in early August, when we have just a couple of hours of true darkness in the Southcentral part of the [...]

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Our Favorite Alaska Activities

We talk a lot about hiking on this blog, because that is one of our favorite activities, and it's also a popular activity among our renters. However, it’s certainly not the only way to experience adventure in Alaska, and there are plenty of activities, both on and off the [...]

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