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Periodically, we sell our existing vans to make way for new members of the fleet. Check back here regularly to see what’s currently on offer.

For Sale Summer 2020

Travel Van at Matanuska Glacier

This van, like all of our campervans, includes sleeping areas for 4 adults, a kitchen, storage for camping gear and kitchen items, and a separate battery system to power all of the campervan appliances.

The kitchen includes a 20-liter drawer-style refrigerator, a 2-burner stove with its own shelf and storage area, and 9-gallon fresh water and gray water tanks. The electric pump on the fresh water tank means that you’ve got running water in the sink, and the lid on the sink area gives you extra counter space when you’re cooking and extra storage space when you’re underway.

The interior of the van includes a convertible system that goes from storage bin to table with benches to double-sized bed, all using the same elements and cushions in different configurations. The storage bin gives you just over 13.25 cubic feet of space for personal and camping gear

All of our vans include a Roofnest hard shell rooftop tent, which, when popped open, becomes a double bed. The tent has a 2.5-inch removable foam mattress with a cover, waterproof canvas sides, windows with bug screens, and poles to change the doors into awnings. The tent is removable.

The battery system powers the refrigerator, the water pump, a set of LED lights in the interior of the van, a set of lights in the kitchen area, and 6 USB ports and 2 110-volt plugs with the inclusion of an inverter. The system will run for about a day before needing to be recharged, which happens while you drive the van.

Take a look at our Orientation Videos to see how everything converts from driving to camping mode and back again.

The van has 60,110 miles on it, and has been meticulously maintained throughout its service as a Get Lost Travel Van. It has our logos on it, but they are easily removed. The price is $35,000 OBO.

If you’d like to try out a van before your purchase, you can make a reservation to rent it for a few days. We’ll deduct the cost of your reservation from the final campervan price.

Contact us at (907) 222-3233 or You can use the form below to get in touch with us as well.

Happy Camping!

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