Who We Support

Here at Get Lost Travel Vans, we believe we have a responsibility to support both the outdoors community and our local Alaska community. Rather than seeing ourselves with one foot in two worlds, we aspire to be a supportive community partner to both. We also recognize that we have been given more than we expected, thanks to those communities, and we have resolved to pay forward what we now have to give. We believe the outdoors are for everyone, and that Alaska really is the best place on earth, and we are committed to building up both of our communities and to helping them thrive.

We have partnered with some local organizations that are committed to these same principles and who do some indispensable work in our neighborhoods and in our state. Here are a few:

This is not an exhaustive list. We are committed to seeing our community thrive, and we welcome new opportunities and different ways to do that. If you represent a charitable organization, you are welcome to email us at info@getlosttravelvans.com or call our office at (907) 222-3233. We give preference to local and outdoors-based initiatives, but will consider all requests. Thank you for the work you do!