We have joined the Tour Green program, supported by Renewable Energy Alaska Project, or REAP.

Tour Green promotes clean energy advocacy and education, in order to preserve Alaska’s ecosystem. Research indicates that visitors to Alaska leave our beautiful state with the desire to protect our pristine waters, clean air and remarkable landscape. Climate change is one of the greatest threats to Alaska’s natural environment, and Tour Green enables REAP to engage in education and advocacy about renewable energy.

REAP is focused on energy efficiency and renewable energy in Alaska. REAP’s advocacy saves 50 million gallons of diesel fuel and heating oil per year, and its education programs reach 5,000 students and civic organizations across the state.

When you book your van, during the checkout process, you’ll see a button to add a donation. The recommended donation is just $2, but you can choose to add more if you want!

Help support renewable energy and energy efficiency in Alaska. Donate to the Tour Green program today!