Most full-coverage car insurance policies in the US will cover our campervans under rental cars. If your policy doesn’t cover rentals, if you have an international policy that doesn’t cover you in the U.S., or you don’t have car insurance at all, we recommend a primary policy.

Your insurance will be primary when you rent one of our vans, whether that’s your own policy or a policy you purchase with your reservation, up to the Alaska state minimums. We also offer a Supplemental Liability Insurance option, which will cover you after the minimums up to $300,000.

None of these insurance items are required, nor are you required to have your own insurance to rent one of our vans. But be aware that if you do not have a policy, you’ll be responsible to pay out-of-pocket for any liability or damage. For that reason, we highly recommend having insurance while you’re renting.

There’s more info on our Insurance page, including coverage and pricing info.