The van has 5 seats with seatbelts. While the van fits 4 adults comfortably, it will carry 5 people safely.

The middle row of seats has been removed in our Dodge Caravans, so the 2 front seats still remain, along with the bench seat in the back. These remaining seats and seatbelts have not been modified.

The storage box converts into a bench seat for sitting at the table, but you cannot sit on this bench while driving, nor can you sleep on the bed while the van is in motion.

The SUVs have 5 seatbelts also, but will only sleep 2 adults. The back seat is intended for luggage and bedding storage, and the trunk space is reserved for all of your camping equipment. No modifications have been made to the interior of the SUVs.

In all of our travel vehicles, everything must be stowed and all of the passengers must be wearing seatbelts while the vehicle is moving.