2020 Recon Envy

Be the Envy of all your friends in this compact and updated campervan model!

The Recon Envy is a modern take on the campervan models of the 70s. This van was designed with as much fun as function in mind, and features all the staples of #vanlife: a kitchen with sink, hot water and fridge, a double seat that converts into a bed, a battery system that charges via the alternator or via solar, and a pop top that offers extra sleeping space or extra headroom.

2 Sleeping Areas

Once you’re in camp, pop up the top and lift the bed board, and you’ve got plenty of space to stand while you prep dinner or set up the card game. The pop top opens to give you more than 7 feet of standing space. Once the board is back in place, you’ve got 40 inches of headroom to move around in while you’re ensconced in the upper bunk. Windows with screens on 3 sides ensure you’ll always have the best view and plenty of ventilation—but you can also zip the canvas closed to keep the heat in or block out the midnight sun.

The back seats also become their own bed, with reclining cushions on either end, allowing you to position your bed in order to capture the best views. A screen zips closed at the back, if you want to keep the back doors open for extra ventilation. Magnetic “curtains” attach to each window to block the midnight sun and keep the heat inside the van. Bedding comes standard with every rental, including a down-alternative comforter for those Alaskan nights. (We recommend this van for parties of 2: you can use both beds if you like, or not!)

Kitchen Convenience

The kitchen unit houses a 42-liter fridge with a freezer compartment, so you can stock up and not have to return to town for supplies for several days. It also features a stainless steel sink with running water and a lid, so you can extend your counter space, as well as a one-burner stove with supplied butane canisters that can be set up either inside the van or outside. A detachable table can be set up and secured to the rail in the kitchen, or it can be attached to the sliding door and the dining area can be moved outside.

All of our standard kitchen and cleaning items are included with the kitchen, including a 9-inch skillet and 2-quart pot, place settings for 4, prep and serving utensils including a chef’s knife, and towels and soap for clean up.

Hot Showers

The Envy features a 3-gallon water heater and a shower attachment. Hot water is available via the shower or via the sink in the kitchen, so dishes don’t have to be a freezing chore. The shower attaches in the back of the van and can be used for showering or for cleaning extra-dirty camping gear before packing up.

Battery & Solar

The Envy has a separate battery system that powers the fridge, water pump, water heater, lights in the main cabin and the pop top, and USB ports. The system recharges while driving, and the Envy also features solar panels to keep the battery charged if the van stays stationary for a while.

Check the booking engine for rates and availability. Don’t forget to check the Specials page for deals and discounts! (Please note: The Envy is not currently available to be booked, but will be back online in early 2023. Please let us know if you have questions in the meantime.)