We’re back! We took a break in October for some much needed rest and recuperation, but we’re back in the office and ready to get started on some changes for next year. (Winter office hours have been updated.)

Before we do that, though, we’re taking a look back at Summer 2019, going through some of our data, reminiscing about some of the fun trips you took, the photos you shared with us, and the craziness that defined our summer!

First off, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who took a van out this summer! Our business very nearly doubled from our first year to our second, so thanks to everyone who gave it a try this summer. We’re grateful you chose our vans from among all of the other options for visiting Alaska—and there are many, ranging from RV rental to organized tours. So, thanks.

And also, thanks for sharing your photos, reviews, social media tags and blog posts. We still get pretty excited when we’re tagged in an Instagram story or when Google notifies us of a new positive review. Plus, you guys take some amazing trips!

For example, there was the family that backpacked through Denali in August, the couple that boondocked every night of their trip in July, the solo trip out to Whitehorse this September, and the couple for whom our van was just one leg of a year-long round-the-world trip to start off the summer. We even had a few caravans driving around the state this summer, thanks to a few large families who rented multiple vans at a time!

So, we’re grateful and humbled, and now that we’re also well-rested, we’ve got some exciting news to share. We’ll be holding another Black Friday Weekend Sale this year! We’re continuing the trend from last year, offering vans at $189 per night for travel of any length (as long as it’s at least 3 nights) at any time this summer. We’re also adding an incentive to travel in shoulder season: Book 7 nights or more during early May or late September, and vans are just $99 per night!

The sale will run from 10am on Black Friday (Nov. 29) through 6pm on Cyber Monday (Dec. 2), so if you’re planning to do something else on Black Friday (like #OptOutside with REI, for example) you’ve got all weekend to log on and make your reservations. Learn more on our Specials page, double-check your dates, and get ready for the sale to begin!

Still wondering what it’s like to see Alaska in a travel van? It’s like this: