Day 1: Pick up your Travel Van from Get Lost Travel Vans office in Anchorage. Drive north and east about 3 hours to Glennallen. Visit a sled dog kennel, take a rafting tour, or go fly fishing.

Day 2: Drive 3 hours south from Glennallen to Valdez

Day 3: Spend the day on the water. Take a boat tour to see a calving tidewater glacier, go sea kayaking and get up close to icebergs, or go fishing for trophy salmon, halibut and cod. 

Day 4: Return to land and spend the day around Valdez. Hike a nature trail near Thompson Pass, take a photography tour and capture your own Alaska landscapes, or visit the town’s museums and learn about its gold rush history.

Day 5: Drive north and west about 5 hours from Valdez to PalmerTake a day hike, pet a reindeer, or learn the homesteading history of the region at the Palmer Museum.

Return: Drive south about an hour from Palmer to the Get Lost office in Anchorage to return your travel van by 2pm.